Noatum Maritime launches a new division specialising in vehicles and Ro-Ro cargo

Xavier Vázquez, previously manager of Autoterminal, will become the Chief Executive Officer of this company


Noatum Maritime has consolidated its position in the vehicle handling sector, after completing the addition of Barcelona (Autoterminal), Sagunto (Noatum Terminal Sagunto), Málaga (Noatum Terminal Málaga) and Santander (Noatum Terminal Santander) in October to the Pasajes and Tarragona terminals. As a result, Noatum Maritime has recently created a new division called Noatum Maritime Automotive, which will cover all the Group’s activities related to port operations for vehicles and rolling stock.

Xavier Vázquez, previously director of Autoterminal, will be the Chief Executive Officer of this company and a member of its board of directors, as well as the General Manager of the new division Noatum Maritime Automotive.

Meanwhile, Carlos Artigas will take over as manager of Autoterminal, reporting directly to Xavier Vázquez. Other members of the new Executive Committee of this new division will be Antonio Campoy, Boniface Berthelot, Oscar Rodríguez and Joaquín Ramón.

Noatum Maritime Automotive has been created in order to manage and promote the vehicle and cargo RoRo terminals of the entire Noatum Maritime Group under a single umbrella, with standardised processes and high quality and environmentally friendly standards.

According to the managing director of Noatum Maritime Automotive, Xavier Vázquez, “this integration will enhance our position as leading players in Spain, offering our clients and stakeholders global solutions of the highest quality and always on the basis of neutrality and independence in the ports in which we are present.”

Across its three business units, Noatum Maritime deals with more than 10,000 port calls, moves more than 11.8 million tons of bulk and general cargo, and handles more than 1.2 million vehicles and more than 584,000 TEUs per year, as well as carrying out more than 99,000 transport operations, and over 55,000 customs clearances.