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Noatum declares its commitment to establishing and implementing policies that contain equal treatment and opportunities for women and men, without directly or indirectly discriminating on the basis of sex, and to fostering and promoting measures to achieve real equality within our organisation, and establishing equal opportunities between women and men as a strategic principle of our Corporate Human Resources Policy.


At Noatum , we believe in diversity as an engine of growth for the company. We are fully committed to integration as part of our organisation’s DNA, and we provide this internal and external vision of diversity thanks to the people in our company who are our best ambassadors.

We promote equal opportunities for all generations, sexes, cultures and genders, providing guarantees for development for everyone who is a part of Noatum. ​

Healthy Company

Part of Noatum ‘s commitment in the area of Health and Safety involves the total well-being (physical, mental and social) of its partners, reinforcing their attitudes towards productive work in an environment of a healthy organisation.

Our concern and interest focuses on the individual, is always based on a comprehensive and integrated approach, and takes health into account in all the organisation’s policies, in addition to legal compliance in occupational hazards prevention.

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  • Over 50 years old (17%)
  • Between 30 and 49 years old (66%)
  • Less than 30 years (16%)

Average age: 41 years old

  • Men (55%)
  • Women (45%)

Why Noatum?

To achieve success, the most important thing at Noatum is people. That’s why we foster talent and continuous training, in order to establish a consolidated professional career within our organisation. We take care of our employees because we firmly believe that their well-being also contributes to achieving all the objectives with the level of excellence that defines us.

Don’t hesitate to consult our job offers if you want to be part of our exciting project. We’re looking for professionals who are motivated by challenges, proactive, enthusiastic, curious and eager to grow and develop in a company that is in the middle of expanding and in an excellent international and multicultural environment.

We’re waiting for you!

Corporate university

At Noatum, we believe that learning is the engine of our transformation and innovation.

At the Corporate University, we offer development programmes adapted to the needs of each professional and we create a collaborative environment that fosters the exchange of knowledge.

At our 6 schools: technical, skills, leadership, health and welfare, languages and sales, each of us can become the central figure in their own development, designing their own training itinerary.