LD Seaplane Maiden Test Call at Viana Do Castelo for Airbus Atlantic

Noatum Maritime’s long-term partner LD Seaplane has been developing a project with the French-based company Airbus. The maritime shipping project aims to include a port call in the north of Portugal, open to the MED Route, to meet the logistic needs of the client.

Following this objective, a maiden test call was made last 5 December in the post of Viana do Castelo, located in the estuary of the Lima River.

The MED Route has regular fortnight calls at the ports of Montoir (Saint-Nazaire), Tangier, Tunis and Naples. In addition, the port of Viana is due to be included in the near future to provide 4PL Logistics solutions to Airbus Atlantic’s new factory in Santo Tirso (located 25 km northeast of Porto).

Airbus’ latest factory in Portugal was built last September and will produce and assemble parts for the A320neo and A350 aircraft models.

The operation in Viana do Castelo went perfectly and as so recognized by both parties, with representatives of Airbus and LSD being present at the location.

The positive outcome of this first test encourages us to speculate on the great potential of the project and to believe it will meet a good end by next June 2023, when it’s due to start with regular fortnight calls.

A new call is due to happen in January 2023.