Noatum Automotive & Ro-Ro

The Noatum Automotive & Ro-Ro team has moved more than 1.4m cars in 2019 through our 7 Port terminals with excellent quality performances across all our operations.

Our target is to provide our clients with the best synergies and contribute to improve the whole logistic chain, reducing lead times and costs. This objective will only be possible if we have perfect coordination between all our staff and our stakeholders, a strong motivation and the use of the best practices.

I am sure we have all these conditions within us so we need to continue working in the same direction to achieve it.

Xavier Vázquez
CEO Noatum Automotive & Ro-Ro


Specific services for the automotive industry

Noatum Automotive & Ro-Ro is the new division of the Noatum Group, whose objective is to promote port terminals and vehicle and ro-ro cargo businesses.

Noatum Automotive & Ro-Ro has been created with the aim of managing and promoting the car and ro-ro terminals/business of the Noatum Group under a single umbrella.

With unified processes and the same quality, environmental and health & safety standards, taking advantage of the synergies between Noatum’s three business areas.

The company’s strategy is based on a complete neutrality towards shipping lines, shipping agents and manufacturers to preserve total confidentiality and independence.

All internal processes are standardized,and our clients will be offered best global solutions in the entire logistic chain in all ports where we are present. Operations are traceable in real time thanks to our use of the same software in all our terminals. This means we can offer a flexible management of the stock in all ports.

Added Value Services

  • Stevedoring services:
    • Vessel
    • Rail (UIC International connection in Barcelona. Spain’s only port terminal with a UIC rail connection)
    • Truck
  • Storage services: covered space in multistorey buildings
  • International & multimodal port hub distribution centers: short sea and deep sea transhipment hub
  • High & heavy cargo
    • Handling of static cargoes
    • Stuffing, lashing and preparation of cargo on Roll Trailers
    • Handling of fifth wheel trailers
    • Handling of heavy machinery and trucks
    • Labeling & measuring of cargo
    • Repair & maintenance Services
    • Warehousing for special cargo

Added Value Services

  • Technical Centre (facilities approved by the client):
    • Accessory fitting
    • Vehicle enhancement
    • Personalization
    • Repair of damage
    • Retrofits (port reworks)
    • Services for electrical vehicles (recharging, battery maintenance, etc.)
    • LPG fitting chain certified by TÜV Rheinland
  • PDI services
    • Washing of vehicles
    • Pre-Delivery Inspection
    • Provision of documents onboard
    • Wrap-Guard fitting
    • Finishing operations for direct delivery to client
    • Long-term maintenance programmes
    • Remarketing services
  • Customs services: specialised Customs department
    • Customs Depot: 100% of our facilities are bonded areas
    • ADT Depot (Temporary warehouse)
    • VAT Depot (DDA Warehouse)
    • Customs clearance
    • Customs Transits(T1, T2L)
    • DAES Reception (Export traffic)
    • EXS shipping (Export traffic)
    • Expertise in specific cases

Carsys Technology

CARSYS is the state-of-the-art Noatum Automotive & Ro-Ro in-house software which deals with:

Noatum Automotive
  • Vessel, Train, Truck Operations
  • Added Value Services
  • Customs Management
  • KPI Management
  • Integrated Invoicing / Cost management
  • Financial analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Handheld devices using own Software with bar code readers
  • Active RFID Tags for vehicle location in delivery area by truck
  • LPR for car carrier trucks
  • Passive TAG Totem
  • EDIFACT Connection adapted to our Customers
  • CRYSTAL Connection Internet on-line access to our system
  • DAENET Connection with Customs’ platform
  • PORTIC Connection with Port Authority


Own terminals specialized in automotive

United Arab Emirates

Countries (Spain and UAE)


Port terminals
(Barcelona, Tarragona, Sagunto, Málaga, Santander, Pasajes, Khalifa)

1,8 M

sqm total area




Quality manual
EMAS Certification
(environmental regulation)
ISO 9001
All services certified according to ISO 9001
OHSAS 18001 certification
Authorized Economic Operator
Sustainability Report
according to GRI requirements
ISO 14001
All services certified according to ISO 14001
The Association of
European Vehicle Logistics

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