A driving force for change

People as well as companies can be a driving force for change. Noatum is an inclusive, multicultural and international company. Our character defines all of our actions. In the process of internationalization, we have learned a lot, and we continue to learn every day from our people. We celebrate the richness that the different cultures, religions, ethnicities and nationalities in our group are bringing to make us stronger and much more capable in a global world.

Our group counts with more than 60 different nationalities across the 28 different countries where we are present.

As an international organization, Noatum is committed to building a safe environment that protects all people from discrimination or harassment based on ethnicity, color, age, religion, sex, national origin, or any other protected trait that defines who we are as individuals. We are committed to a workplace environment that encourages growth and respect for all current and prospective employees based upon job-related factors such as their educational background, work experience, and ability to perform the essential functions of a particular job. Care and Integrity are part of Noatum’s core values and aim towards these goals, but there is still much work to do to achieve a fairer society for all. Recent events reinforce the need for us to review the way we conduct ourselves in every aspect of our daily lives and identify areas for improvement. At Noatum, we are listening and learning, because we want to do better. We want to be part of the change that the world is demanding.

These are some of the actions we are going to take to drive positive change within Noatum:

  • Analyse our procedures and ensure they promote equal opportunities and maintain a safe workplace for everyone.
  • Collaborate only with those companies that share our Code of Ethics.
  • Reinforce our compliance tools and materials and make any necessary improvements for the due monitoring of conduct.

Meanwhile, please be sure any report, concern and query from our employees will be addressed with determination. Noatum has and will continue to take swift action when receiving a complaint regarding illegal or unacceptable discrimination at work.

Noatum stands against racism and injustice and aims to make a difference. Join us in this journey to stand up for the changes needed to ensure equity, fairness and opportunity for all.

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Antonio Campoy’s statement to Noatum employees