Our seas and oceans are in a situation of extreme vulnerability, caused by spills and by the accumulation of plastics and other petroleum products in these ecosystems. This is causing irreversible situations and the disappearance of species and habitats of high ecological value.

Noatum is aware and sensitive to this problem, even more because of our links with maritime activities, which is why we have been working for some time on actions to minimize as much as possible the negative impact of our activities on the sea. As we commemorate World Oceans Day, we want to share the actions we take.

In our port terminals we carry out best operational practices that aim to minimise any spillage of goods at sea, through the use of tarpaulins during loading and unloading operations, maintenance of port machinery or thorough cleaning of the quay edge, among others. These commitments are guaranteed by the signing of Best Environmental Practices Agreements with the Port Authorities, the compliance with local authorities regulations, as well as the ISO 14001/EMAS certifications that certify our adequate environmental performance.

Since 2019 and promoted by the ESG committee and the Quality department, Noatum has committed itself to eliminate the single-use plastics present in our work centres in order to contribute to the disappearance of plastics in marine ecosystems.

The protection of our seas and oceans is in our hands and starts in our homes.