What is dry docking and how does it work?

Dry docking, a crucial process in the maritime industry, plays a pivotal role in maintaining the safety, reliability, and efficiency of vessels. By bringing a ship to a specially designed drydock platform, it allows for essential maintenance, repair, and inspection work to be conducted on the underwater components that are typically submerged in water.

The dry-docking process involves several key steps:

Pre-docking preparation

The vessel’s owner or operator will typically make arrangements with a shipyard or dry dock facility to schedule the drydocking, ensuring a smooth transition. During this stage, the vessel undergoes necessary preparations, including ballasting to enhance stability, removal of loose equipment, and other crucial tasks to ensure a successful dry docking operation.

Drydock flooding

Once the preparations are complete, the drydock is flooded with water, gradually reaching the same level as the surrounding water. The vessel is then carefully manoeuvred into the drydock and securely positioned. This step requires skilled navigation and precise handling to ensure the vessel’s proper alignment and stability within the drydock.

Dock draining

Once the vessel is in place, the dry dock is drained of water, causing the vessel to rest on blocks or keel blocks. The workers can then access the underwater parts of the vessel for inspection or repair work.

Repair and maintenance work

Once the vessel is dry-docked, various types of maintenance and repair work can be carried out, such as cleaning and painting the hull, replacing damaged propellers, repairing ballast tanks, or upgrading various systems and equipment. These measures not only enhance the vessel’s performance but also extend its operational lifespan.

Reflating and undocking

Once the repair and maintenance tasks are completed, the drydock is reflooded, allowing the vessel to float out and be relocated to a nearby berth. Final testing, inspections, and checks are conducted to ensure the vessel’s readiness before it returns to service.


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