VII Edition of the Barcelona Shipping Agent Day

Last Thursday, 13th of June, the Association of Shipping Agent of Barcelona celebrated the VII Edition of the Day of the Shipping Agent, an event that coincided with the 99th anniversary of the entity and joined almost 200 people, mainly maritime agents and institutional guests.

Jordi Trius, President of the Association and Managing Director of our division, Noatum Maritime Services, initiated the speech highlighting the progress in the stowage reform, which should generate a certain stability in the sector and he added “I hope it will bring also improvements in the competitiveness and the flexibility that the sector needs for its international development “. In addition, he pointed out the role of the shipping agent as a main actor of the port activity coordinating multiple services and needs. That is what gives value to the profession even with the general trend towards digitalization and automation.

Finally, he made a brief reminder of the axes on which the association is based. The first of them, focuses on the official and social recognition of the ship agency profession in our country, the second, the academic and practical training in the specific field of the activity and, lastly, the active participation in the Barcelona port community for its development.

The celebration counted with the participation of authorities such as Isidre Gavin, Secretary of Infrastructure and Mobility of the Generalitat de Catalunya; Pere Padrosa, General Director of Transport and Mobility of the Generalitat de Catalunya; Mercè Conesa, President of the Port of Barcelona; Javier Valencia, Captain of the Port of Barcelona; Josep Carles Llagostera, Customs Administrator of Barcelona, Francisco Soto Comandant, Head of the Fiscal Unit and Port Security of Barcelona and Ramón Ramos, Commissioner of the National Police Force of the Port of Barcelona.

From Noatum Maritime, the attendees were: Jordi Lorente, General Manager Marmedsa Bemarine y Regional Director Catalonia & Balearic islands Marmedsa Noatum Maritime; Gregorio Chiner, Operations Area Manager Marmedsa Noatum Maritime; Ander Rodríguez, Business Development Area Manager Noatum Maritime Services; Mercè Rovira, Directora Marmedsa Noatum Maritime Barcelona; Sonia Galán, Project Coordinator Noatum Maritime Services; Núria Rincón, Line Manager Marmedsa Noatum Maritime; Meritxell Garcia, Line Manager Marmedsa Noatum Maritime; Maite López, Line Manager Marmedsa Noatum Maritime; Adrian Haverkamp, Line Manager Marmedsa Noatum Maritime; Alexa Pedrido, Line Manager Marmedsa Noatum Maritime; Alejandra Martínez, Line Manager Marmedsa Noatum Maritime; Fernando Torres, Deputy Manager Marmedsa Logística Barcelona; Carles Artigas, Control Equipo Marmedsa Logística Barcelona; Laetitia Pichon, Customer Service Head Marmedsa Logística Barcelona; Pablo Esquerro, Sales Executive-Isotank Division Marmedsa Logística Barcelona; Hind El Abbassi, Customer Service Marmedsa Logística; Albert Pallarés, Managing Director Marmedsa Cruise Services; Marta Rodríguez, General Manager Marmedsa Cruise Services y Marc Cox, Barcelona Branch Manager Combalia Noatum Maritime.