Noatum Container Terminal Málaga receives a crane from Noatum Codemar Terminal Tarragona

Traslado grúa Noatum Codemar Tarragona

The move is part of a re-orientation strategy of the Malaga terminal towards multi-purpose activities


Noatum has moved a Liebherr Harbour Mobile Crane from the Noatum Codemar terminal in Tarragona to Noatum Container Terminal Malaga as part of the business strategy to re-orient the Malaga Terminal towards multi-purpose traffic.

The transport of the crane, with a length of 23 sqm, a height of 32 sqm and a weight of 398 tonnes, has started on Thursday 9 February, from Tarragona on board of the vessel Annemieke, with the unloading expected to take place next Saturday 12 February at port of Malaga.

The loading process required a series of previous operations: the grab had to be prepared for sea transport, part of the counterweights had to be disassembled and the other part had to be secured, for which stability calculations were needed. The loading operation will take place by lifting the crane from the legs; an operation that will require the use of both 275-ton cranes on-board the vessel.

Once the crane is on the deck, it will be prepared for sea transport by lowering the jib and attaching wooden supports to the jib cylinder and upper end. Simultaneously, the crane and all components will be lashed by the crew for transport, which is expected to start late on the evening.

The decision to move the crane is part of a re-orientation process recently launched at the Terminal of Malaga to reconvert it into a multi-purpose terminal agreed with the Malaga Port Authority, giving more weight to agro-food bulk and car traffic to cope with the drop in container traffic registered in recent years due to changes in the ports of call of main shipping companies.

The new crane perfectly adapts to the specific characteristics of the current demand, being much better suited for the operational requirements relating to loading and unloading of the new types of traffic.

Óscar Magdalena, Director of Noatum Container Terminal Malaga, stated “With the arrival of the new crane we continue to comply with our strategic plan of investments in the terminal to re-orient the business towards a multi-purpose terminal; a plan which has begun to show results with new traffic that is re-invigorating business in the city and the region”.

Following these recent changes, Noatum Container Terminal Malaga is registering significant increases in vehicle traffic, with over 55,000 vehicles moved in 2016 and 60,000 further vehicles expected in 2017, as well as new agro-food traffics, mainly sunflower seeds, corn and wheat.

These new traffics are stable and oriented towards market needs, thus helping to create wealth, particularly for local business.

In 2015, the Port Authority of Malaga approved a restructuring plan for the Terminal aimed at promoting new traffic in line with a new business model oriented towards reinforcing the position of the port of Malaga as a provider of service and support for the local industry in terms of competitiveness, efficiency, and economic development, thus becoming a geostrategic element that supports the sector.