Smartosh & Noatum: a success story

Almost three years ago, our Health & Safety department started working on a project to develop Noatum’s Smartosh tool, as a step towards the strategic digitalisation of our processes.

Smartosh is provided and monitored by a third party- PrevenControl- that manages the effectiveness of these actions and other key indicators, to assess the overall performance of the tool and its use among our employees. By working closely with the PrevenControl team, we were able to design a platform that fits all our Group’s needs and conveys an attractive digital environment, easy to navigate and operate.
After using this tool successfully in our Spain headquarters for some years, it was clear that it was the right choice for increasing participation and incident reports from our employees, so the tool was made available globally for all Noatum locations in 2021, correspondingly in order to comply with part of the Group’s Health & Safety objectives.
We can now share some of the happy outcomes of this partnership with Prevencontrol. After evaluating the performance of the Smartosh tool in our Group, we have observed an improvement not only in the time and process management of our Health and Safety department but also in our compliance rates.
If you want to learn more about the outcome of our time using Smartosh, you can read the case study PrevenControl has prepared.