The port of Málaga continues to position itself as the gateway to Andalusia.

Noatum Terminal Malaga has launched an import-export rail service following the decision last June by Noatum Terminals, the terminals division of Noatum Maritime, to engage in local container traffic.

After making investments to equip the terminal with more machinery on the quayside and in the container handling yard, the new train service linking it with Madrid will arrive on a weekly basis.

The first train service arrived at Noatum Terminal Málaga at 24:00 p.m. last night, after departing from Madrid at 11:00 a.m.with a total cargo of 40 TEUs.

The Port Authority and Noatum Maritime hope that in a context of economic recovery and with the support of both the industry of Malaga and its hinterland in Andalusia, the port of Malaga will become the point of arrival and departure for Andalusian industry and commerce, and importing and exporting companies will achieve higher levels of competitiveness.

According to Antonio Campoy, CEO of Noatum Maritime, “the launch of this new service shows the commitment of both Noatum Terminals and the Port Authority to the port and to the city. We are providing the resources necessary to once again place Malaga on the containers map in the Strait, and this is a unique opportunity to develop its hinterland.”

In 2017, Noatum Terminal Malaga stored more than 1,150,000 tons of bulk goods, and operated 54,000 vehicles and 73,000 TEUs. If standards of competitiveness are maintained during the period between 2018 and 2020, the trend towards growth will persist, and improvements to these figures year after year are anticipated to continue.