línea regular Med-Turkey Express de JSV

The new MED-Turkey Express regular line operated by JSV Logistic was inaugurated on June 8th. This new line transports container cargo between the ports of Ambarli and Gebze in Turkey and Barcelona and Marseille. Marmedsa Noatum Maritime is the agent in both ports, Barcelona and Marseille.

This new line provides important competitive advantages to improve logistics and shipments:

  • The new service offers a very competitive transit time from Barcelona to Istanbul - Ambarli and Gebze – Yilport: 6 and 7 days respectively for export, and 5 and 4 days for import.
  • Great cut-off flexibility.
  • • Wide range of line equipment with special containers: up to 50 types of containers available (special car carriers, tanks, open top, reefer 45', adapted to steel products, etc.)
  • • Possibility of service in the north of Spain, with a very wide availability of equipment in the depot of Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), with 4 weekly connections with Barcelona (APMT) from there.