Noatum Maritime reinforces its position as a leading port, maritime and logistics company

Noatum líder servicios maritimos logisticos y portuarios

The Group has just completed the acquisition of Noatum Ports terminals in Barcelona, Malaga, Sagunto and Santander, strengthening its position of as one of the leading multipurpose, Ro-Ro and Bulk port operators in Spain


Noatum Maritime reinforces its position as a leading company in maritime services, logistics and port operations in Spain with the acquisition of a portfolio of multi-purpose, Ro-Ro and bulk terminals from Noatum Ports. This portfolio includes terminals in Santander (Noatum Terminal Santander), Sagunto (Noatum Terminal Sagunto), Malaga (Noatum Terminal Malaga) and Barcelona (Autoterminal).

These terminals are part of Noatum Terminals, one of the three business units that were created earlier this year under Noatum Maritime to integrate all the Group companies according to their field of activity: Noatum Maritime Services, which includes all the Group’s shipping agency related activities (including Marmedsa), Noatum Logistics and Noatum Terminals, and to simplify the Group corporate structure ahead of future potential growth.

With the addition of these new assets, Noatum Terminals will operate in 12 ports in Spain and will be a leading port operator of bulk cargo, general cargo and vehicles, which will enable our Group to offer improved logistics solutions to its large base of customers.

This new structure consolidates the leadership of Noatum Maritime in the domestic market and as a Group of reference in Europe, delivering outstanding quality in port, terminal and logistics services.

Noatum Maritime, across the three business units, attends per year more than 10,000 port calls, moves more than 11.8 Million Tons of bulk and general cargo, more than 1,2 Million vehicles and more than 584,000 TEUs, and carries out more than 99,000 transport operations and more than 55,000 custom clearances.

Following the completion of these acquisitions, Oscar Rodriguez has joined the Group as Chief Commercial Officer, tranferring from Noatum Ports. Oscar will be in charge of commercial coordination across the different lines of activities while Noatum Maritime remains under the leadership of Antonio Campoy and Douglas Schultz, respectively Executive Director and Managing Director of the Group.

Using the opportunity of these important news for the Group, the Noatum Maritime corporate website has been revamped: to reflect the Group´s new perimeter, brands and market positioning.

The Executive Director of Noatum Maritime, Antonio Campoy, stated “The new Group structure in three differentiated business units as well as the acquisition of the new terminals allows Noatum Maritime to strengthen its leading position, to improve its offer to customers and to set the basis for a future potential growth”.