Noatum leads digital transformation in port terminals with support from the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda

MITMA - NextgenJust as innovation is fundamental to ensuring optimal operations in port terminals, keeping abreast of technological breakthroughs is crucial for achieving sustainability in the logistics industry. With this in mind, by undertaking two important projects – the Portos Project and the eGate Project – Noatum is reaffirming its commitment to digital transformation, which is helping drive the new wave of innovations within the sector.


The two projects have been submitted to the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, which is funded by the Next Generation EU recovery fund, and have been awarded a grant within the Ministry’s Sustainable and Digital Transport Support Programme.


The Portos Project creates a multiplatform system for the digitisation, automation and optimisation of port operations processes by means of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and the IoT. Its primary objective, in line with the objectives of the official call by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, is to reduce congestion in ports, optimise terminal management and increase data processing capacity.

The Portos system will provide comprehensive digital management, eliminate paper and create a substantial improvement in the transmission of information related to the logistics chain, which will result in increased security and efficiency at our facilities.

Meanwhile, the eGate Project, which will be carried out at Autoterminal Barcelona, focuses on the automation and optimisation of entry, exit and cargo control operations within the terminal by means of digital management technologies.


Interoperability between digital platforms is also a key aspect of the eGate Project. The integration of various digital systems will increase the productivity of port hubs, and improve efficiency in the management of the logistics chain. The implementation of new automated access and control systems will facilitate the flow of the logistics chain to a considerable extent.

The incorporation of innovative technologies like those developed in these projects is part of our commitment as a Group to maintaining continuous improvement in all our services and in the adaptation of our terminal facilities and equipment.


Noatum is proud and honoured to have been chosen as a recipient of this grant for these two important initiatives. The projects will enable Noatum and its terminals to improve their competitiveness and efficiency, and contribute to sustainability in the logistics industry and the transformation of Spanish ports and the logistics chain.


The beneficiaries of the Portos Project – Digital Terminal Operational Systems – PORTOS (PATSYD-22-00225) are the ports of Malaga, Castellón, Santander, Santander Polivalente, Sagunto, Tarragona, Pasajes and Barcelona terminals.

The beneficiary of the eGate Project – Automation and optimisation of inbound, outbound and cargo control operations through digital management technologies (PATSYD-22-00221) is the Barcelona terminal.