Noatum works with the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL)

Colaboración de Noatum con Bancos de Alimentos

The COVID pandemic has had a major negative impact in health, social and economic terms. According to FESBAL figures, at the end of the state of alert that was declared in March, the demand for food in Spain had increased by 40%, and assistance was being provided to 1.5 million recipients. But the demand for food aid has continued to increase and FESBAL estimates that they are currently serving 1.8 million people in need. That is almost a million more people than at the beginning of the year.

The restrictions on social contact imposed by the virus have created an additional challenge for FESBAL, which has had to dispense with its traditional physical food collections that took place in supermarkets and food stores, and now relies solely on financial donations to ensure that this aid reaches those who need it most.

At Noatum, as a business group that is actively involved in food distribution logistics chains worldwide, we wanted to contribute to the great work done by FESBAL and we have responded to their request for help with a donation of € 7,500, which will enable 7,500 kg of basic foodstuffs to be purchased.

“Operation Kilo” has also been established. This is a virtual space specifically designed so that Noatum employees can make a personal financial donation and thereby join the food collection, actively contributing to relieving the social and economic crisis that many Spanish families are suffering from as a result of the pandemic.

According to Carlos Velasco, Noatum’s Head of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), “the work done by the Spanish Federation of Food Banks and all its volunteers is commendable and crucial in being able to provide assistance to all the families who are in a vulnerable situation, which is made even worse by this pandemic. We want to do our bit to contribute, as we believe that companies must be socially responsible and respond to society’s needs as much as possible. We are particularly proud to have the support of Noatum’s workers, who have enthusiastically joined this initiative. Because we must all work together, and that is the only way we will be able to cope with a situation like the one we are currently experiencing.”

On the other hand, Miguel Fernández (FESBAL’s General Director), pointed out that “the coronavirus crisis has placed the Food Banks in a dramatic situation. If at the beginning of the year we assisted 1,050,000 people, in the summer, when the state of alarm ended, there were already 1,500,000 people demanding food aid, and we are currently attending to 1,800,000 beneficiaries. For that reason, in these difficult moments of the pandemic, we are grateful for the support of companies like NOATUM, whose donations will allow us to buy that much needed food, to maintain the stocks and to compensate the deficient food in our warehouses.