Container for live animals. Containers for livestock..code IATA KMP / HQ2
Aluminium panel with three levels for livestock (caws, sheep, pigs, etc).
Mounted on a pallet of 96″ x 125″
Panels with fans
Removable internal door
DimensionsLength317.5 cmWide244 cmHigh160 cm
Tare370 to 430 kg. with mezzanine
Compatible with aircrafts:B747
Container for live animals. Triple Container for horses.. Code HMA / H6P
Aluminium base. Noise proof with polyester foam between lateral panels. Anti slipping floor.
Removable slots for 1 to 3 horses.
Roof, front and rear doors with ramp.
DimensionsLength317.5 cmWide244 cmHigh244 cm
Tare775 kg. o 900 kg.Contenedor_Animales-caballos
Compatible with aircrafts:B747