Statement on the Coronavirus


Due to the outbreak of the 2019 n-CoV (Coronavirus), we want to share with you the measures adopted to manage the current situation.

First of all, we want to recognize the steps taken locally in the most affected areas, specifically Greater China. Our teams there have done a great job managing the crisis, creating a protocol to keep all staff accountable and safe, searching for alternate solutions to maintain our business services.

We also want to recognize the great job done by all Noatum’s staff that have seen their daily activities affected by the coronavirus outbreak. It is remarkable how they have found alternate solutions to provide high quality services despite setbacks.

Noatum Group’s management is fully committed to the health and safety of its employees. This is our main concern, although we are also committed to ensure the performance of our business activities to our customers and to aid all stakeholders with the best endeavors according to all the circumstances in each moment. Regarding how we are going to manage this crisis from now on, we are going to extend the good practices done in the first affected areas to all Noatum locations.

These are the decisions adopted to protect employees:

  • Health & Safety (H&S) prevention: adopt all WHO recommendations in all Noatum locations. Promote home office in areas according to high infection risks and following the national competent authorities recommendations.
  • Business trips: all business trips, both national or international, involving public transportation are suspended until further notice (all employees currently out can return to their place of residence).
  • Events: suspend all participation in events, both managed or attended by Noatum staff, involving massive concentration of individuals in the same room or hall (i.e. fairs, exhibitions, conferences, etc.).

Thanks to everyone for your understanding and your collaboration in this situation.