Statement RDL 10/2020

Dear Noatum customers and partners:

As a result of the new measures adopted by the government of Spain in the recently published Royal Decree-Law 10/2020, we would like to keep you informed about the foreseeable impact on our business.

First, our activities are not affected by Royal Decree-Law 10/2020. We therefore remain at your service and at your disposal. #Noatumalwaysondeck

However, it is to be anticipated that there may be some degree of impact on our services (maritime agency, transport, logistics, customs and port services, etc.) as the legislation may lead to stoppages in activities or services considered non-essential or which are not basic necessities, or in activities which are not associated with them. However, the transportation of goods to supply the country, customs transit and essential services are clearly permitted in order to ensure the provision of the population and the essential services themselves.

Accordingly, in order to facilitate the transit of goods to the greatest extent possible throughout the entire logistics chain (road, ports, airports, etc.) we will be requesting a declaration from importers/exporters, stating the relationship of their goods with the industries and sectors classified as essential or basic necessities. Our clients will be informed of the format of this declaration, and the conditions of service applicable during the period Royal Decree-Law 10/2020 remains in force, which is theoretically until 9 April, as well as the State of Alert (Royal Decree 463/2020, as amended by Royal Decree 465/2020) prior to contracting any service, starting Monday, 30 March. We will also be publishing information through our usual channels.


At Noatum we remain fully committed to facilitating the circulation of goods and merchandise, and supporting the public institutions to help overcome this crisis. Our clients, suppliers, our workforce (#proudtobenoatum) and the authorities have our full support at this time.

Please get in touch with your usual Noatum contacts to clarify any doubts you may have.