Autoterminal joined Sustainable Mobility Event by Barcelona Port

Last week, Anna Baró, Head of Quality and Environment at Autoterminal, attended the Conference on Sustainable Mobility organized by the Port of Barcelona, to talk about the challenges facing the industry and manufacturers regarding sustainable mobility and its impact on people and businesses.

Some of the measures that Autoterminal has proposed to help reduce gas emissions and improve mobility include:

  • Encourage workers to use public transport and carpool to get to work.
  • Revise the two-hour lunch break to reduce the number of trips made from work to home.
  • Promote the purchase of electric vehicles and renew the company fleet. Install more charging points, there are currently 10 available.

Autoterminal Barcelona is the vehicle logistics platform for the Mediterranean countries and the rest of Europe. It is integrated within Noatum Maritime Automotive, the specialized vehicle and ro-ro cargo division of Noatum Maritime. In 2018 Autoterminal handled more than 500,000 vehicles, of which 5,619 were electric.

These measures will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases and air pollutants in the European Union by meeting the requirements of the Barcelona Low Emission Zone plan, which will come into force on January 1, 2020.