The past 29th of june has been signed an agreement that expands the existing strategic alliance between Algeposa Group and Noatum Terminals, the terminal division of Noatum Maritime with 4 terminals in 5 ports.Up to date, both companies shared shares at Bilbao and Tarragona Ports.

With this agreement, Algeposa and Noatum Terminals will share shareholding interests in the following companies: Noatum Terminal Castellón, Noatum Terminal Sagunto, Algeposa Terminal Huelva and Algeposa Terminal Asturias (Avilés and Gijón).

Both groups intend to extend the port services offer for increasingly globalized customers who demand multiport solutions, while seeking to optimize management processes and generate scale economies in order to provide competitive improvements to the importing and exporting industries in those ports.

According to Mª Luisa Guibert, Algeposa’s President, “we have been noticing that due to globalization our clients require that we quickly adopt organizational improvements on a global scale. The environment is highly competitive and if we want to take a qualitative and quantitative leap to answer to that need, we see very positively joining efforts with the Noatum Terminals team, which pursue the same interests. I trust that we are following the right direction with this operation and that the environment and the customers will respond very positively.

According to Antonio Campoy, CEO of Noatum Maritime, “for our Group, and in particular for Noatum Terminals, it is an operation full of opportunities and synergies with very positive effects for the markets and ports where we already operate, and also means a geographical expansion that completes our implementation, expanding our presence to 15 ports in Spain”.