and legal commitment

Noatum group is committed to maintaining high levels of legal and ethical standards. All Noatum’s activities are conducted within an ethical governance framework supported by Noatum’s Ethical Code, socially responsible corporate polices and strict compliance of the applicable regulations.

Noatum has implemented a whistle-blowing system allowing anyone to communicate any issue or to report irregularities, breaches or any unethical or illegal behavior.

For legal reasons and pursuant to the regulations approved by the Spanish Data Protection Agency, reports may not be anonymous and must describe the facts and the date on which they took place. In addition, contact data (e-mail address, phone number etc.) must be provided.

Reports may be directed to the following e-mail address:

Or sent in written form to the following address:

Noatum Ports, S.L.U.
Comité Interno de Prevención de Delitos
C/Goya, 6. 2° planta
28001 Madrid

Once the report is received, it will be processed and analyzed and the person reporting the issue shall be informed on the procedure followed and the treatment given to his/her report within a period of 3 months.

Thank you for your cooperation.